Simplify Your Disaster Recovery and Accelerate Recovery Time

What’s Your Data Worth?

Downtime is Costly in More Ways Than One.

The bad news – the ramifications of downtime can be severe, both in the short-term and long-term, and can include loss of revenue, loss of productivity, brand damage, and compliance violations to name a few. It’s more important than ever for businesses to have a proven Business Continuity (BC)/Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place.

The good news – with OnRamp, BC/DR doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Our DRaaS solution gives customers a cost-effective and painless way to address disaster recovery.

OnRamp DRaaS provides industry-leading, hypervisor-based replication and continuous data protection. Powered by Zerto, this enterprise-class solution combines the fastest and most efficient replication technology with fully automated failover and failback. Just as important, our solution provides non-disruptive DR testing so customers can rest assured their Disaster Recovery plan can meet the recovery objectives of their business.

The result – OnRamp’s DRaaS solution enables customers to minimize the business and financial impact of disasters by speeding the recovery time of critical applications and ensuring valuable data stays protected.

OnRamp DRaaS zerto

Zerto protects VMs with continuous hypervisor-based, block-level replication of just the changes, which means near-zero RPOs/RTOs, minimizing data loss and downtime. Zerto replicates in the hypervisor using virtual replication appliances (VRAs), which is how it enables replication from any storage to any storage. Plus, the replication doesn’t use any form of snapshots, which is how it has no performance impact and why Zerto is enterprise in class and scalable to thousands of VMs.

Simple and Fast Recovery

Take the guesswork out of DR and speed recovery with automated failover/failback processes that mitigate costly downtime and enable business continuity.

  • Fully orchestrated BC/DR
  • Near-zero RPO/RTO
  • Recovery validation reports
Simple and Fast Recovery

Continuous Data Protection

Ensure the availability and integrity of critical applications and data in the event of a disaster through continuous replication that captures all changes as they occur.

  • Real-time replication
  • Write-order fidelity
  • Any point in time recovery
continuious DRaaS Protection

Multi-Tier Application Protection

Deliver complete protection and seamless recovery of mission-critical applications that span multiple servers and storage by ensuring all components are recovered as one entity.

  • Full application protection
  • Single or Multi-VM replication
  • Boot ordering and prioritization
DRaaS Multi-tier Protection

Anytime DRaaS Testing

Validate and maintain an effective BC/DR plan with anytime, anywhere testing that doesn’t interrupt production IT systems or operations.

  • Non-disruptive test failovers
  • Self-service or OnRamp-assisted testing
  • Easy-to-use portal
Anytime DRaaS

Best-in-Class Infrastructure

With true enterprise-class equipment, built-in redundancies for every piece of critical infrastructure, and internet connectivity supported by multiple Tier 1 backbone providers, we can ensure the highest levels of uptime for production and DR environments.

Around-the-Clock Support

Our team of on-site, experienced engineers have the skills and expertise required to ensure a seamless failover, no matter when disaster strikes. We’re here 24/7 to ensure the ongoing operation or your IT environment.

Security and Compliance Focused

Our experience working with businesses in the healthcare, financial services, education, and other industries with high security needs and sensitive data demonstrates a focus that extends beyond basic IT requirements.