Flexible Disaster Recovery Colocation Solutions Backed by Expert Support.

Protect Your IT Investments

Don’t Put Existing IT Infrastructure Investments at Risk.

Despite the many advantages that cloud computing has to offer, especially when it comes to managing business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) plans, the fact remains that many organizations still own and make new capital investments on physical assets to house their most critical data, whether it’s to run a legacy application or to satisfy a specific compliance requirement. And, in these environments, the impact of a disaster can be compounded. Organizations are not only at risk of losing their investment in the physical hardware itself, but also the invaluable data residing on these systems, which businesses cannot afford to lose.

If cloud-based DR isn’t an option for your organization, OnRamp offers disaster recovery colocation in our secure, state-of-the-art data centers to deliver the highest levels of protection for the critical IT infrastructure that runs your business.

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Best-in-Class Data Centers

Geographically distanced from one-another and on separate power grids, OnRamp’s data centers are strategically located in areas of low incidence of natural disasters. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art facilities are designed and built with the most advanced engineering in cooling, power, network connectivity, and security to provide the highest levels of availability and uptime – making them a perfect environment for disaster recovery.

Security & Compliance Focus

Our experience and proven track record working with businesses in the healthcare, financial services, education, and other industries with high security needs and sensitive data demonstrates a focus that extends beyond basic IT requirements. We truly understand the evolving security and compliance needs of today’s organizations.

Remote Hands Support

Managing a remote infrastructure that is used for Disaster Recovery is hard. Distant by design, a Disaster Recovery infrastructure is difficult to deploy, maintain and operate – a problem that can be especially acute in an emergency. For that reason, OnRamp’s Support team is available 24/7/365 to act as an extension of your IT department when unforeseen circumstances impede travel to the Data Center. Far beyond simple tape swaps or server reboots, our team is deeply experienced in networking, hardware, operating systems and virtualization software. This means we can support your business in routine or complex requests, on-demand and in the event of an emergency.

Hybrid DR Capabilities

More than just a reliable infrastructure for space, power and connectivity, OnRamp provides customized services and support for customers who use Colocation to deploy Disaster Recovery. OnRamp’s experience offering Hybrid Hosting solutions is an added benefit for customers that need to augment their Disaster Recovery Colocation footprint in response to planned growth or in an emergency.

The flexibility to seamlessly integrate OnRamp’s Private Clouds and other data center services into a Colocation environment enables businesses to more efficiently run IT operations without being bound by prior IT investment.

Sample Hybrid Hosting Disaster Recovery Configuration

Primary and secondary site  with colocated equipment and additional services