Keep the wheels moving with a Business Continuity plan.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity plans are important for every business, no matter how big or small. They incorporate plans for processes, people, and technology systems. And they ensure that through the daily activities carried out, a business will be able to recover and continue to function quickly after a disaster takes place.

A vital component in any Business Continuity plan should be an IT-related Disaster Recovery plan. This includes processes to restore access to critical data, operating environments, applications and services. OnRamp’s Disaster Recovery services can play an important role in your business’ continuity plan. Among our many services, our Business Continuity offerings include Disaster Recovery Private Clouds and HIPAA Disaster Recovery (for companies that handle medical data).

Our Private Cloud replicates important data, services, and operating environment so it will be easy for you to maintain Business Continuity during and after a disaster. We work hard to strictly maintain your Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). An RPO is the maximum allowable amount of time data may be lost due to an emergency. For some businesses a daily backup of data is all that is necessary but in many cases it is important to have a continuous backup in place with an RPO of around 4-8 hours. This ensures that in the case of a catastrophe, only a minimal amount of data will potentially be lost. Equally as important is the RTO, which is the maximum allowable amount of time a system may be down after a catastrophe. The longer a business lacks access to its data and services, the more revenue is lost and the greater the chances the business will never recover from the disaster.

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