Keep Your Customers Credit Card Data Safe.

PCI Hosting Solutions

Network Firewall Industry-leading Cisco firewalls to protect your network perimeter and keep unauthorized traffic from entering. Requirement 1
Vulnerability Scanning In-depth inspections of systems and applications to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Requirement 2
Encrypted Storage & Backups Enterprise-class, 256-bit AES encrypted storage and backup to protect cardholder data while at rest. Requirement 3
SSL & IPSec VPN SSL and IPSec VPN tunnels to encrypt traffic and provide secure remote access to your servers and applications. Requirement 4
Malware Protection Centralized anti-virus software to detect and remove malware and safeguard sensitive data from malicious activity and security threats. Requirement 5
Web Application Firewall Application-layer defense to protect web-facing servers against targeted threats, including SQL injection, XSS, and zero-day attacks. Requirement 6
Two Factor Authentication Two independent authentication factors to verify that all remote access is secure and authorized. Requirement 8
Data Center Security State-of-the-art data centers built with advanced security and technology in accordance with PCI DSS to protect cardholder data. Requirement 9
Log Management Automated collection and analysis of log data to rapidly identify critical security events and compliance violations. Requirement 10
File Integrity Monitoring Real-time monitoring of files, folders, and registry keys to detect and alert on unexpected changes and ensure data integrity. Requirements 10 & 11
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Continuous security monitoring of network traffic to detect malicious activity and prevent threats from causing harm to your network. Requirement 11

PCI DSS 3.1 Security Expertise

Your Partner for PCI Compliance

Your PCI Compliance is dependent on your ability to uphold the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. We have undergone independent auditing against PCI DSS 3.1  and specialize in working with businesses that interact with cardholder data, helping them to maintain both physical and logical security for their entire hosted environment.

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PCI Experitse

PCI Compliant Infrastructure

Streamline PCI Audits

Aside from providing protections to guard against online threats, cardholder data environments must be supported by physical infrastructure with the same objective in mind. Each OnRamp facility includes two-factor biometric scanners, bullet proof mantraps, and around-the-clock staffing and surveillance to halt physical security threats and ensure total compliance.

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Data Center Security