Achieve Auditable HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAA Hosting Solutions

Risk Analysis 3-step Risk Management Tool developed by our HIPAA compliance experts to help ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your sensitive data and ePHI.
Network Firewall Best-in-class firewalls to protect your network perimeter and keep unauthorized traffic from entering.
VPN Tunnels FIPS 140-2 compliant VPN tunnels to encrypt traffic and provide secure remote access to your OnRamp hosted infrastructure.
Encrypted Storage Detects and removes malware in real-time to protect sensitive data and data operations from malicious activity.
Encrypted Backups Secure and compliant backup and recovery services to protect mission-critical applications against costly data loss.
Malware Protection Centralized anti-virus/anti-malware software to detect and remove malware and safeguard sensitive data from malicious activity.
File Integrity Monitoring Continuous monitoring of files, folders, and registry keys to detect and alert on unexpected changes and ensure data integrity.
Log Management Automated log collection and analysis to facilitate the rapid identification of critical security events and the regular review of system activity.
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Real-time monitoring of network traffic to detect malicious activity and prevent security threats from causing harm to your network.
Web Application Firewall Application-layer defense to protect web-facing applications against targeted threats, including SQL injection, XSS, and zero-day attacks.
Two Factor Authentication Two independent authentication factors to validate remote users and prevent unauthorized access.
Vulnerability Scanning In-depth inspections of computer systems and applications to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

HIPAA and HITECH Security Expertise

Your Partner for HIPAA Compliance

Take the guess-work out of achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance with OnRamp’s in-depth expertise and experience in building comprehensive, fully-compliant HIPAA solutions. We specialize in helping organizations that interact with sensitive healthcare data. Our team of experts work hand-in-hand with customers to address the confidentiality, availability and integrity of electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

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HIPAA Experitse

HIPAA Compliant Infrastructure

Streamline HIPAA Audits

OnRamp’s infrastructure is not just secure and compliant; it’s also auditable. One of the most critical requirements for a HIPAA compliant hosting provider is the ability to facilitate an auditor’s risk assessment of the environment that houses ePHI. This requires physical inspection of the individual components that make up the IT environment and the critical systems in place to safeguard the data that resides there.

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HIPAA Data Center Infrastructure

HIPAA Risk Management Tool

Collaboratively Ensure Compliance

OnRamp’s HIPAA Risk Management Tool forms a foundation for establishing your HIPAA Compliant Solution. By systematically collecting information, assessing the risks to ePHI, and making plans to manage these risks, we are able to build a comprehensive solution that addresses your data security needs. The documentation gathered while using the tool can act as a basis for more in-depth risk analysis and will guide our efforts to collaboratively ensure compliance.

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HIPAA Risk Management Tool