HIPAA Disaster Recovery for E-PHI Continuity



Achieve the highest levels of security set forth by HIPAA’s stringent compliance requirements with HIPAA Compliant Disaster Recovery solutions.



Maintain continuous operations for the availability of critical patient data with Disaster Recovery solutions deployed from OnRamp’s geographically stable SSAE SOC 2, HIPAA Compliant Data Centers.



Eliminate the complexity of managing your HIPAA Disaster Recovery environment from afar with our onsite Full7Layer Support team of HIPAA experts.

HIPAA Disaster Recovery Overview

Ensure the Continuous Availability of Sensitive Data.

For businesses that need access to sensitive patient data all day, every day, OnRamp’s team of HIPAA implementation experts work with customers to build a comprehensive, fully-compliant Disaster Recovery solution from OnRamp’s geographically diverse Data Centers in Austin, TX and Raleigh, NC.

OnRamp’s HIPAA Disaster Recovery Hosting solutions allow businesses to blend Compliant Colocation, Private Clouds and Cloud Delivered Services in both their primary and secondary sites – and often between the sites – making it ideal for businesses that don’t want to manage a remote Disaster Recovery site.

Our engineers will walk your team through a careful recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) analysis to make sure that, if disaster strikes, you can be back up and running when you need to be. We then work with you to design and implement systems and applications to meet HIPAA’s privacy and security standards and related administrative, technical and physical safeguards. Our data replication and scripted failover and failback are fully HIPAA compliant, employing FIPS 140-2 compliant backup hardware. And, our engineers and technicians are trained in HIPAA Disaster Recovery standards and procedures.

HIPAA Disaster Recovery Diagram

Full7Layer Support

Expert Support for HIPAA Disaster Recovery.

OnRamp Disaster Recovery customers can rest easy knowing that OnRamp’s 24/7/365 Full7Layer Support provides around-the-clock engineer level support when it is needed most.

Far beyond racking and stacking, or server reboots, OnRamp engineers have the technical expertise to help inside your rack. For Disaster Recovery customers who are intentionally located far from their infrastructure, OnRamp can be an extension of your IT department. Choose to supplement your Disaster Recovery service with the help of OnRamp’s Full7Layer Support

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Full7Layer Support

HIPAA 3-Step Process

Easily Diagnose, Assess and Manage Any Risks to Your IT Infrastructure.

Going far beyond what’s typical of most Data Centers, OnRamp’s proprietary HIPAA Risk Management Tool is an online 3-step process designed by our HIPAA experts to take the guess-work out of HIPAA and help you achieve compliance every step of the way.

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HIPAA Risk Management Tool