HIPAA Compliant Colocation Solutions Backed by OnRamp’s Compliance Experts.



Achieve the highest levels of security set forth by HIPAA’s stringent compliance requirements with HIPAA Compliant Colocation solutions maintained and audited with stringent physical, technical and administrative measures.



Implement compliant solutions with a partner that goes well beyond ping, power and environment to ensure that they incorporate the context of your specific business needs.



Integrate OnRamp’s suite of comprehensive, fully-compliant Cloud Services that can be integrated into your HIPAA Colocation environment, providing added layers of protection and flexibility to scale as you grow.

HIPAA Colocation Overview

OnRamp Specializes in Working with HIPAA Colocation Customers to Comprehensively Ensure Compliance, Well Beyond Just the Data Center.

OnRamp understands that compliance is important, but also difficult and time consuming which is why our team of HIPAA experts works with customers to build solutions that work in the context of the business they are operating.

Our HIPAA Compliant Colocation solutions are housed within OnRamp’s state-of-the-art SSAE SOC 2 Data Centers, purpose-built to meet the most stringent compliance requirements set forth by HIPAA. Our Colocation facilities were designed and engineered with the most advanced systems, security and infrastructure in the industry to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of our customers’ computing infrastructure and sensitive data.

OnRamp’s internal processes and policies follow national industry standards set forth by SSAE SOC 2 and HIPAA, so we practice and adhere to the same HIPAA regulatory requirements as our customers.

HIPAA Colocation Services

As hybrid-enabled Data Centers, OnRamp offers a suite of Compliant Cloud Delivered Services that can be seamlessly integrated into a HIPAA Colocation environment, enabling customers to add advanced technology to their existing infrastructure and take advantage of the on-demand and flexibility of virtualization, encrypted storage and encrypted backups.

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HIPAA 3-step Process

Easily Diagnose, Assess and Manage Any Risks to Your IT Infrastructure in 3 Simple Steps.

Going far beyond what’s typical of most Data Centers, OnRamp’s proprietary HIPAA Risk Management Tool is an online 3-step process designed by our HIPAA experts to take the guess-work out of HIPAA and help you achieve compliance every step of the way, even and especially for Colocation customers.

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HIPAA Risk Management Tool

Full7Layer Support

Expert Support for HIPAA Colocation.

OnRamp’s Full7Layer Support team of HIPAA Compliance experts is available 24/7/365 on-site, on-call and on-demand to help with requests for Colocation environment, as an extension of your IT department. OnRamp’s engineers maintain a host of advanced certifications from the likes of VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell and other industry leaders. As a result, we can effectively manage complex IT infrastructure, and we’re available to help solve any number of support-related issues inside your rack.

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Full7Layer Support