Flexible Managed Storage Solutions to Meet Your Evolving Needs

Design a secure, managed data storage solution that satisfies every workload and achieves maximum performance at every level: From high-performance all-flash SSD SAN to reliable, long-term NAS storage, and everything in between, our cutting-edge technology and hybrid configurations offer the customization you expect from a trusted partner. Plus, we’ll monitor and troubleshoot your system 24/7/365.


High Performance All-Flash SAN

Choose among our suite of fully-managed SAN options for optimal output, high-bandwidth and scalable capacity.


All-Purpose Efficient SAN

Deploy hybrid technology to efficiently balance cost and performance—without sacrificing security.


Network Attached Storage

Reduce infrastructure management and quickly provision long-term, utility storage.


Built for Performance

OnRamp’s storage area network (SAN) delivers continuous, high-bandwidth connections to your data that translate into high availability, reliability, security and flexibility for increased business productivity. Configure our fully redundant architecture into a model that fits your performance, capacity and compliance requirements.

High performance all flash SAN

High Performance All-Flash SAN

If predictability, top performance and speed are what you seek, the all-flash SSD SAN storage option is an ideal fit and features simple scale-out options to adapt on the fly without affecting existing applications. Options starting at 4 IOPS per GB.

All-flash features:

  • Superior application performance & predictability
  • Guaranteed minimum performance

All-flash SAN uses:

  • VDI
  • Analytics applications
  • High performance eCommerce
  • Ultra-high performance web servers
  • Database servers
  • Large CRM and other resource-intensive apps

Download All-Flash SAN Storage Datasheet

Multi- purpose SAN

All-Purpose SAN

Our all-purpose SAN offers the best blend of technical performance, security and affordability. Gain all of the advantages of a flash-optimized architecture without compromising data mobility, resiliency, or data services with a mid-range solution. Options for disk throughput range up to 200 MB per second.

All-purpose features:

  • Cost-effective tiered storage
  • Fully FIPS 140-2 compliant

All-purpose SAN uses:

  • Virtualization and Private Clouds
  • Databases
  • High I/O, transaction-intensive applications
  • Server clustering
  • Messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange
  • Cost effective all-purpose storage that can easily be scaled

Download All-Purpose SAN Storage Datasheet


Reliable Archive & Backup

Our network attached storage (NAS) solutions are purposefully built for low-cost, high efficiency across varied workloads—whether it’s media-rich websites that must quickly serve up video, long-term archival, or file-level centralized storage for multi-server access. Effortlessly migrate your data and integrate to your other storage solutions as needed.

NAS features include:

  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Comprehensive data access and fire sharing
  • Efficient data replication and recovery options

NAS uses:

  • Document storage for compliance needs
  • Data sharing among multiple load-balanced web-servers
  • Archival or longer term storage
  • Storage available to cloud virtual machines (VMs) and physical servers
  • File & block access from Windows & Linux
NAS Archive Storage - Managed Data Storage

Why OnRamp

We partner with leading providers like NetApp SolidFire, HP, and EMC to customize, implement, and manage secure, compliant infrastructures that can easily be adjusted as your business evolves. With an emphasis on customer care and data security, our consultative approach is invaluable. Contact us for more information.