Flexibly Add a Managed Device to Your OnRamp IT Infrastructure.

Managed Devices Overview

Support Your Specific Needs.

OnRamp’s Managed Network Devices are built on best-in-class hardware from Cisco and Citrix. Often managing such network hardware may not be considered a “core competency” or a company may be simply looking to offload the complexity and burden. OnRamp’s Managed Hosting customers can work with OnRamp to seamlessly and flexibly layer Managed Network Devices into their environment. And the Managed Network Devices are backed by OnRamp’s Full7Layer Support, so they’re monitored, maintained and supported 24/7/265 by network engineers with deep experience deploying complex networks.

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 Managed Firewall Service

Managed Firewalls Provide Critical First Line of Defense Protection.

Network firewalls are a crucial first line of defense in protecting your environment and sensitive data, which is why OnRamp implements best-of-breed Cisco ASA firewalls for the highest level of perimeter protection. Our Managed Firewalls are configured and maintained by our experienced engineers to the specifications of your individual security plan. Additionally, Virtual Private Networks and optional Intrusion Prevention are all configured at your direction to deliver enterprise-class security and protection for today’s business-critical infrastructures.

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Managed Application Delivery Controllers

Maximize Application Performance and Security.

Managed Load Balancers

OnRamp’s Managed Load Balancers help our customers optimize the delivery of today’s dynamic, business-critical applications. We implement industry-leading Citrix Netscaler to deliver advanced load-balancing and application delivery, including application acceleration, TCP optimization, server health monitoring, SSL offloading, and global server load balancing. Our Managed Load Balancers enable our customers to effectively scale applications to meet end-user demand and provide the optimal end-user experience.

Managed Web Application Firewalls

OnRamp’s Managed Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) enhance the security of web-facing applications by protecting against ever-increasing targeted app-level attacks. WAFs provide a different layer of protection than a network firewall or IDS by specifically monitoring HTTP traffic to and from a web application and analyzing the Layer 7 web application logic to protect against security threats.

Citrix Netscaler

OnRamp leverages the Citrix Netscaler AppFirewall to provide our customers with industry-leading WAF technology. The Netscaler delivers advanced protection by enforcing both positive and negative security models to ensure correct application behavior. The positive security model learns and understands “good” application behavior, and treats all other traffic as malicious. This is the only proven approach to protect against zero-day and unpublished exploits.