Managed Security Services for the Most Stringent Compliance Requirements.


Highly Secure

Your data security is paramount. OnRamp’s comprehensive Managed Security Services and onsite team of engineers deliver the highest levels of proactive detection and protection for your IT environment. We help you secure your data so you can focus on your core business.



OnRamp embodies a culture rooted in security and compliance. We specialize in working with customers to meet the most stringent compliance requirements in industries like healthcare, financial, and educational services with highly sensitive user data.

Managed Security Services Features

Network Firewall & VPN


Network firewalls are a crucial frontline defense to help keep unauthorized traffic from entering your network, which is why OnRamp implements best-of-breed Cisco firewalls for the highest level of perimeter protection. We work with each customer to define specific firewall rules and policies that permit or deny network traffic based on individual security, compliance, and business needs.

  • Industry-leading Cisco ASA firewall devices
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant IPSec and SSL VPNs
  • Highly available, redundant firewall configurations

File & Application-Level Encryption


A key step in protecting sensitive data is through at-rest encryption. The latter is often the part that businesses find challenging. To help companies overcome these challenges, OnRamp offers multiple options when it comes to encrypting data at rest. One option is encrypting at the file or application level, which is what our enterprise-class data security and encryption solution provides. Our solution not only helps customers safeguard sensitive data, but helps them achieve compliance.

  • Transparent data encryption for any file, application, or database
  • Centralized access control, granular auditing, and encryption key management
  • Seamless encryption for physical, virtual, and cloud environments

Find out more about OnRamp’s Encryption Service powered by Vormetric.

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Hardware-Based Encryption


In addition to file and application level encryption, OnRamp also offers hardware-based, full disk encryption via SAN or local SSDs. Our multiple storage options help customers cost-effectively secure sensitive data and meet compliance mandates, including HIPAA and PCI. Our industry-leading storage architecture not only provides built-in data-at-rest encryption, but very importantly, delivers the highest levels of availability and performance for your critical data.

  • Fast, hardware-based, full disk encryption with AES 256-bit
  • Secure, high performance all-flash SAN and local SSD storage options
  • Highly available storage architecture with built-in data redundancy

Backup Encryption


Data backups are imperative when it comes to protecting against costly data loss. OnRamp’s enterprise backup solution provides the highest levels of reliability and compliance for ensuring the safety and security of your critical data. With multiple backup and recovery options, as well as AES 256-bit encryption, you can rest assured your sensitive information is always protected.

  • Secure and compliant encrypted backups for sensitive data
  • Fast and reliable image- and file-based recovery options
  • Enterprise-class, multi-site backup architecture

Malware Protection


Virus and malware protection remain a very important part in keeping systems, applications, and data secure from continually evolving threats. OnRamp’s advanced anti-virus/anti-malware solution detects and removes malware in real-time to protect IT infrastructure and sensitive data from malicious activity.

  • Protection against malware, viruses, spyware, and Trojans
  • Customizable malware scan configurations
  • Centralized dashboard visibility, reporting, and alerting

File Integrity Monitoring


File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) solutions monitor changes to files, folders, and registry settings. OnRamp’s file integrity monitoring solution continually monitors installed software, running services, processes, files, directories, registry keys, and values for unexpected changes and provides real-time alerts when suspicious or unplanned activity is detected.

  • Continuous monitoring of OS/application files, processes, and registry settings
  • Real-time scanning and alerting for unauthorized or suspicious changes
  • Centralized dashboard visibility and auditable reporting

Web Application Firewall


Not to be confused with traditional network perimeter firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) have become a critical layer of protection against hackers trying to exploit application vulnerabilities. To help customers combat these threats, as well as aid in compliance, OnRamp provides best-in-class WAFs to protect web-facing applications against the growing number of targeted attacks.

  • Application-layer security for web facing servers
  • Protection against SQL injection, XSS, and zero-day exploits
  • Advanced adaptive learning of application behavior

Two Factor Authentication


Two-factor authentication (also known as dual-factor or multi-factor authentication) provides an extra layer of protection by requiring two independent authentication factors to validate remote users and prevent unauthorized access. With OnRamp’s two-factor authentication solution, customers get the flexibility and convenience of a software token that can be used with a variety of smart phones and mobile devices, making it easy and affordable.

  • Best-in-class, two-factor authentication technology
  • Additional layer of security for remote access
  • Flexible and convenient software-based tokens

Vulnerability Scanning


Vulnerability scans are an essential component in protecting computer systems and critical applications, in addition to maintaining compliance. OnRamp’s vulnerability scanning service performs in-depth inspections of systems to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that a hacker may use to steal data or commit other malicious activities. Each scan produces a detailed report that identifies and prioritizes threats based on criticality and provides the information necessary for rapid remediation.

  • Scheduled and on-demand vulnerability scanning
  • Identification and prioritization of security weaknesses
  • Detailed scan reports with remediation information

Log Management


Log files hold the key to uncovering and resolving security threats, data breaches, and compliance violations. Unfortunately, organizations are now inundated with data, to the point that it’s virtually impossible to manage logs manually. This is why log management solutions have become imperative for organizations. With that said, OnRamp understands that not all organizations require the same level of log management, which is why we offer two solutions to address differing needs and budgets.

OnRamp’s Basic Log Inspection solution offers centralized collection of operating system and application log files, giving customers a unified view into pertinent data to help identify critical security events. It’s an easy way to collect and view log files in a central location and provides a good starting point for smaller IT infrastructures that don’t have a lot of log sources to monitor.

OnRamp’s Advanced Log Management service, powered by Alert Logic, delivers fully automated log management and analysis of log data across the IT infrastructure, including network devices, operating systems, and applications. It also provides customizable, audit-ready reports, advanced forensic analysis, as well as secure and compliant log storage. Most importantly, customers get 24×7 real-time log monitoring, review and response by a world-class Security Operations Center (SOC). This comprehensive solution allows organizations to completely offload the daunting and time-consuming task of log management, while also meeting the most stringent compliance objectives.

  • 24×7 log monitoring, review, and response by certified security analysts
  • Real-time log collection, aggregation, normalization, and analysis
  • Advanced correlation of data across all log sources
  • Secure and compliant log data storage and retention
  • Automated, audit-ready compliance reports

Learn more about OnRamp’s Advanced Log Management Service powered by Alert Logic.

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Intrusion Detection and Prevention


Protecting IT infrastructure and sensitive data requires organizations to effectively detect threats, identify suspicious network traffic, and respond quickly enough to thwart an attack, which is no easy task. On top of that, there are increasingly stringent industry regulations and compliance mandates that must be met. OnRamp recognizes these challenges faced by today’s organizations and delivers the necessary solutions to address them.

OnRamp’s Standard Intrusion Prevention solution provides inline packet inspection of network traffic to detect and block vulnerability exploits. This solution is suitable for customers that already have in-house security engineers to monitor activity and respond to alerts.

OnRamp’s Advanced Threat Management service, powered by Alert Logic, delivers 24×7 real-time intrusion detection and vulnerability management to immediately identify and contain network threats. It continuously analyzes millions of data points using advanced multifactor correlation to identify suspicious patterns of events in order to produce meaningful, actionable intelligence. In addition, our advanced service provides compliance-specific vulnerability scanning and reporting for all the top mandates. It’s the ideal solution for any size organization needing fully managed, around-the-clock threat management and the peace of mind that comes from a proven, world-class SOC.

  • 24×7 security monitoring and response by certified security analysts
  • Real-time threat detection, analysis, and incident response
  • Continually updated threat signatures and correlation rules
  • Unlimited internal and external vulnerability scans
  • Automated, audit-ready compliance reports

Find out more about OnRamp’s Advanced Threat Management Service powered by Alert Logic.

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What Our Customers Say

“We work with banks and credit unions in the U.S. who are regulated by the government. So, we have a lot of private member data that our application uses for decisions, and the data is the credit union or banks data and so it’s really important that the data center that our data is in is controlled and managed correctly.”

– Open Lending, CTO, Ryan Collins

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