From Spare Servers and OS Software to Tools and Parts.

OnRamp Customer Tools

Everything You Need to Be Successful Inside Your Rack.

Most Data Centers require you to bring everything you need when you work in your hosting space. Since OnRamp fully builds, deploys and manages IT operations, we have all of the hardware, software, materials, tools and devices you might ever need in the Data Center. And, OnRamp’s Full7Layer Support team of onsite technicians and engineers is available to provide 24/7/365 support inside your rack in the event of a routine request or emergency.

Tools – Stocked


Spare Servers


Spare Software Media from Microsoft/Red Hat/VMware/Citrix


Spare Firewalls


Spare KVM Switches, Ethernet Wire and Cable Ties


Spare Caged Nuts



Screwdrivers Zip Tie Tool
Drills Hammers
Wire Cutters IR Thermometer
Pliers Cable Testers
Allen Keys Server Lift
Crash Carts  

Enhanced Tools – Available for Checkout

Fluke 922 Airflow Meter

Multifunctional tool designed to provide a powerful solution for ventilation monitoring and diagnostics application. Combining differential pressure, air velocity and flow measurements into a single meter, the Fluke 922 enables us the ability monitor air pressure across key components and to help maintain an optimal environment airflow balance.

Fluke TiR27 Infrared Camera

The Fluke TiR27 infrared camera delivers clear crisp images needed to detect problems fast during inspections. Infrared imaging allows for a visual perspective of heated surfaces in the environment to quickly manage problem areas.

Fluke CNX 3000 Wireless Multimeter

With the CNX 3000 Wireless Multimeter, you see live measurements from multiple modules simultaneously and remotely by PC, allowing us to log amperage, voltage and temperature over expended periods of time. This isn’t a single point in time power audit. With the CNX we can deliver reports of power usage data for hours to days giving you a complete view of power profile.

Available Enhancements for Your Rack

Enhancement Diagram

Additional Rack – Related Services and Capabilities

Physical Equipment Storage

Power Audit

Server Rack and Stack

Cable Management

High Density Cooling