The Benefits of Managed Hosting for Small Businesses

Some may think that managed hosting is beneficial for enterprise business only, but in reality, a business of any size benefits from partnering with a managed hosting provider. The fact is that all companies, large and small, have business-critical applications that must always be up and running; yet many lack the in-house technology, resources, and expertise to do so. This is where OnRamp can help. Here are the top four benefits of managed hosting services and how OnRamp can help.

Enterprise-Class Infrastructure

SMB budgets don’t typically allow for enterprise-class infrastructure or much-needed technology refreshes. Instead, many small businesses find themselves trying to run and maintain hardware and software that is unreliable, outdated, or which they’ve simply outgrown. This problem can be easily solved by a managed hosting provider like OnRamp. Our managed hosting solutions give small businesses access to true enterprise-class infrastructure that is fully supported and maintained, plus easily scalable — all without the Capex!

Industry-Leading Security

Small businesses are often working with tight resources from both a budgetary and staffing perspective, which means the complex and ongoing task of IT security can often end up deprioritized and sensitive data put at risk. Using a managed hosting provider gives small businesses access to security services, designed entirely with sensitive data in mind. This includes not just the security technologies, but the managed hosting provider’s expertise to implement and maintain it, which most small businesses don’t possess in-house.

Full7Layer Support

In addition to best-in-class infrastructure and security, small business customers benefit from OnRamp’s 24/7 Full7Layer support from a dedicated team of engineers. This is a crucial component when it comes to ensuring application uptime, especially for smaller organizations that don’t have the necessary in-house IT support staff or expertise. Our highly-trained support team is here around-the-clock to assist our customers and help ensure the highest levels of application availability, performance, and security.

Customized Hosting Solutions

OnRamp works with small businesses to tailor solutions that meet both technical and business needs. This can range from a single managed server to a multi-node managed private cloud. All OnRamp managed environments include a managed firewall, secure storage, and data backups. Plus, businesses have the option to further customize a solution with a range of additional managed services, including managed load-balancers, managed web application firewalls, managed intrusion detection, managed log management, and more. OnRamp makes it easy to cost-effectively scale to address your dynamic business needs and growth.

With OnRamp’s managed hosting environment, any size business has access to streamlined IT operations, reliable and scalable infrastructure with enhanced data security.

To learn more about how managed hosting from OnRamp will help your small business, request a free consultation.