Emerging IT Trends

Technology is constantly evolving and maturing. It moves from a nascent, undefined entity to one that is widely accepted and becomes so commonplace that we wonder how we ever functioned without it. The same applies to the technology that is shaping the way we do business, two prominent examples of such a journey include mobile and cloud. But as we turn the corner on, yet, another year of change and advancement, it is clear the progression continues. Even for these specific examples.

Without a doubt, there are several new and emerging IT trends taking shape in 2015 that will have a significant impact on your business. We urge you, DO NOT get caught on the sideline.

In this webinar, OnRamp Founder Chad Kissinger details the opportunities and challenges involving the following key trends in IT and why you can’t afford to ignore them.

Here’s a closer look at several enterprise-tech trends that we believe will hit their stride in the coming year.

  • Mobile technology and the collapse of the security perimeter
  • The advent of hybrid computing
  • The emergence of application containers

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