Managed Hosting Case Study

KaleidaCare Blends Colocation and Virtualization to Scale Operations

Discover the benefits KaleidaCare receives in utilizing an OnRamp Hybrid Hosting Solution.

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KaleidaCare is an application service provider that offers a comprehensive, internet-based MIS solution to help private child and family services agencies to enhance care decisions, protect funding and safeguard licensing. Initially forming a relationship with OnRamp in 2008, utilizing the company’s secure colocation services, it was based on the growth of their business and increasing need for secure and compliant hosting that KaleidaCare began exploring new ways to enhance their IT operations. Overtime, OnRamp had solidified its stance as a leading cloud storage provider and that, coupled with a focus on healthcare and financial industry compliance, made them the perfect partner to address KaleidaCare’s needs.

This case study details the story behind KaleidaCare’s decision to further their relationship with OnRamp by incorporating a managed, private cloud environment alongside their existing infrastructure.