HIPAA Hosting Case Study

DaVincian Healthcare Adopts Hybrid Hosting Solution

Find out how DaVincian Healthcare’s use of OnRamp’s Hybrid Hosting solutions has provided security and scalability for their IT environment.

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Providing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) technologies and other mobile-enabled solutions on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis for healthcare organizations, DaVincian Healthcare was in search of a colocation provider that went beyond the typical power, ping and environment requirements that are common amongst data center providers. They wanted an IT solution that would account for their data privacy, security and mobility needs and was delivered by a provider that could act as an extension of their IT environment.

Understanding the advantage OnRamp held as both a colocation and managed hosting company, DaVincian began to explore the company’s private cloud and cloud delivered services to meet their specific data center needs.

This case study highlights process DaVincian Healthcare went through as the company transitioned from a strictly colocation customer to a high security hybrid hosting customer, leveraging virtualization and OnRamp’s hands-on support to accomplish their data center mission.