Compass Learning Blends OnRamp Services to Create Hybrid Hosting Environment

Discover why Compass Learning chose OnRamp’s Hybrid Hosting Services to support their business.

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Compass Learning, a leading provider of customized learning acceleration software, holds data gathering and analytics at their company’s core. However, as they expanded their suite of software solutions and their user base soared, this put a tremendous strain on their IT environment. Providing access to educators representing over 10,000 schools across the United States with heavily animated, graphics-based interfaces, Compass Learning required more than just ample amounts of bandwidth to enable the seamless delivery of their solutions. They needed to find a way to right-size their existing colocation environment and outfit it with the necessary resources to improve their IT performance.

Understanding the value of virtualization and cloud-based technologies, the company began to search for a new IT provider to not only co-locate their existing infrastructure, but incorporate several other solutions as part of truly hybrid hosting environment.

This case study details the reasoning behind Compass Learning’s decision to work with OnRamp to meet their IT and performance needs.