How to Ensure Data Availability, Security and Compliance

Webinar October 14, 2014

Businesses around the world are rapidly adopting cloud computing and new cloud technologies to more effectively deliver services. However, the flexibility of the cloud presents several challenges when it comes to ensuring compliance with HIPAA’s Privacy and Security rules.

If you deal with sensitive data, including electronic protected health information (ePHI), you must maintain the confidentiality, availability, and the integrity of the data you possess in order to remain compliant. Furthermore, the businesses you choose to partner with (including your data storage provider) must maintain this same level of compliance if they interact with ePHI in any way, both directly or indirectly as a function of their own business.

In this webinar, OnRamp Founder Chad Kissinger addresses what you need to know if you are considering the cloud for hosting ePHI. Topics covered include:

  • Public vs. Private Cloud Computing
  • The advent of Hybrid Hosting
  • Compliance concerns in varying regulatory frameworks
  • HIPAA in the Cloud: Adoption & Use, Obstacles, Considerations and Forecast

Considering storing your healthcare data in a cloud hosted environment? Watch this video to find out what you need to know, and what your cloud storage provider should already know, to ensure data availability, security and compliance while operating a virtualized IT environment.

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