Disaster Recovery or Disaster Prevention:

Using OnRamp and SHI to Protect Your Business

Presented by OnRamp and SHI
Webinar September 4, 2014

A common phrase, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is something all businesses should consider, especially with mounting threats to the physical components that comprise their IT infrastructure and the evolving cybersecurity threats they face today.

Companies can spend significant amounts of money on duplicating infrastructure for disaster recovery purposes, but it begs the question: “should a business be more concerned with disaster recovery or disaster prevention?”

In this webinar, OnRamp Founder Chad Kissinger is joined by Kurt Bosch, Principal Architect for SHI’s Professional Service Organization to talk through this strategic decision to help you understand if it is better to keep a warm site available or to properly protect the environment in a Tier 3 data center.

Together they will help you answer the following questions:

  1. Relative costs of each approach?
  2. What disasters do customers typically need to recover from?
  3. What is disaster prevention?
  4. How does a customer make the appropriate choice?

Unlike other hosting companies that simply provide products and solutions for customers to use in their computing infrastructure, OnRamp works with businesses to identify their data center mission and make sure that it is appropriately addressed.

When it comes to working with businesses to manage their disaster recovery needs, instead of just providing a colocation site or private clouds for them to use as their disaster recovery site, we help businesses determine appropriate Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), initiate a plan to help them accomplish replication that can achieve those objectives, and assist them in scripting the failover of operations during an emergency and the failback of operations after an emergency. All of which contributes to the avoidance of any serious business impact resulting from a disaster.

When weighing your options for taking either a preventative approach to dealing with disaster versus establishing a fully functioning disaster recovery plan, review the resources below to help you understand how working with a data center services provider like OnRamp, you can leverage the best of both worlds.