David Weekley Homes Leverages OnRamp Disaster Recovery Solution

Find out why Houston-based David Weekley Homes chose to partner with OnRamp to meet their disaster recovery and business continuity objectives.

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For any coastal business in the United States, hurricanes pose a major threat. Even if not directly impacted by these storms there remains a serious potential for flooding and power outages in the aftermath of such disasters that can bring a business to its knees. Understanding this concern, David Weekley Homes began to search for a new hosting provider to colocate a portion of their existing IT environment in a secure geographic location, physically distanced from their headquarters in Houston. But aside from addressing this concern, David Weekley Homes desired to partner with a hosting provider that would offer a flexible hosting solution and would go beyond their basic colocation needs to support their business with unparalleled hands-on support.

This case study details the reasons why OnRamp was chosen to support their business and how, through a blend of their colocation and cloud-delivered services, David Weekley Homes was outfitted with a solution to address their disaster recovery needs.