The Key to IT Security Webinar

Webinar September 29, 2015

Is information security and compliance one of your organization’s top priorities? If it’s not, then it should be. However, the fact remains that protecting business-critical applications and sensitive data is a full-time job, requiring constant vigilance. Despite this, most IT departments don’t have the manpower, time, or expertise to effectively address these concerns. The unfortunate and costly result is that many threats go undetected until it’s too late.

The new reality of today’s information security landscape is that most organizations will suffer at least one successful attack that will do damage, this providing in the IDC’s Worldwide Security and Vulnerability 2014-2018 Forecast. The ramifications of a data breach can be disastrous, they include:

  • Loss of Intellectual Property
  • Damage to corporate brand or reputation – leading to the loss of future opportunities
  • Possible lawsuits
  • Compliance violations

All of which can all result in stiff financial and criminal penalties. And, if you’re an IT professional that is at the helm when one of these events occurs, it could cost you your job.

In today’s world, where cyber attacks are far more pervasive and the skill of hackers means your data can be compromised within minutes, it’s no longer about preventing threats but detecting them fast enough to avoid any damage. The only way to do that is with real-time, round-the-clock security monitoring across all points of the IT infrastructure.

In this webinar, OnRamp Solutions Architect, Amy Pace and Security Engineer, Jeremiah Martin will meet alongside Alert Logic Solutions Architect, Jon Vaught to discuss how OnRamp’s Advanced Log Management and Advanced Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Management Services can help your business identify security threats and bring them to a halt before they wreak havoc on your IT environment.

To learn more about how OnRamp helps its customers combat today’s cybersecurity threats, visit our Managed Security Services page.

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