Kinesis Migrates to OnRamp Colocation Environment

See why Kinesis chose OnRamp to enable the delivery of their SaaS solutions.

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Kinesis Survey Technologies, LLC (Kinesis), is an Austin-based SaaS provider that offers a device-responsive survey and panel management product suite for mobile and desktop-based market research.

Before forming a partnership with OnRamp, Kinesis’ IT operations were supported by a colocation vendor located in Dallas. Relying on this vendor to provide for only the basic requirements for their environment, Kinesis leaned heavily on their in-house IT staff to manage all functions related to the storage of their business critical applications, even if it meant taking the frequent 400 mile roundtrip treks to and from Dallas to handle even the most simple of tasks. Understandably this caused a tremendous strain on the productivity or their IT staff and was something Kinesis simply could not stand to bear.

This case study highlights why close proximity to their business headquarters was not only determining factor in Kinesis choice to go with OnRamp. Discover the many ways OnRamp supports Kinesis in this Colocation Case Study.