OnRamp Supports ASI with Best in Class Colocation

Find out why Advanced Solutions International (ASI) has trusted OnRamp to support their development infrastructure since 2006.

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Advanced Solutions International provides engagement systems for non-profit organizations to increase operational and financial performance. With plans of relocating the Austin branch of their business back in 2005, the company originally positioned to bring their IT operations in-house. However, with power density and scalability limitations, among other concerns, ASI decided to outsource the storage of their development infrastructure to a colocation provider. Forming a relationship with OnRamp, what they found was a partner dedicated to providing for much more than their basic power, ping and environment needs. Of the many colocation providers that support their business and international network of IT operations, today, ASI considers OnRamp among their top performing.

Read this case study to see why ASI considers OnRamp a standout when compared to other colocation providers.