A Successful Data Center Migration Depends on its Migration Plan.

Data Center Migration Plan

A company’s Data Center environment is at the heart of its enterprise. It is the hub of the network which enables the transfer of personal, financial and business data to carry out a variety of functions, some directly tied to revenue generating efforts. So, when faced with challenges or limitations existing in a business’ in-house IT environment or outsourced environment, maintained and/or managed by a Data Center provider, migrating to a new facility is a common practice.

Data Center Migration is a process that holds multiple meanings. It can apply both to a Data Center service provider itself and to its tenants. For a Data Center company, migration involves the relocation to either a local, regional or national center. Whether the provider owns and operates its facility or simply rents space within a larger environment, Data Center migration involves relocating the business’ entire IT infrastructure to a new facility. Data Center Migration, as it applies to OnRamp’s business, involves moving newly acquired customers to one of our state-of-the-art Data Center facilities.

Although Data Center migration can present a number of challenges for a business whose entire operation relies on the performance and uptime of its IT systems, there are numerous reasons that businesses choose to move their IT environment. A business’ decision to migrate to a new Data Center can stem from a desire to reduce costs, to add greater efficiency to its IT systems, to meet certain regulatory requirements pertaining to private information or to employ new technologies to enhance performance and capabilities.

No matter the catalyst for migration, it is imperative that organizations take the right steps from the beginning. A carefully planned Data Center migration can ensure a seamless transition of your company’s sensitive data or physical equipment, and does not have to interrupt day-to-day business operations.

The Process

Successful Data Center migration starts with an assessment of the current Data Center environment, business needs and objectives. Audit your current IT infrastructure to reveal gaps in documentation or processes that need to be addressed. This often includes evaluating backup and recovery plans, emergency mode operation plans, and an understanding of how the technology infrastructure supports various business operations. Consider both the existing and future IT architecture, data capacities and a full inventory of the needs of your growing business.

Next, locate, identify and document each individual asset and its relationship to the entire environment. This will help ensure service delivery needs are met and minimize the risk of lost data, equipment and ultimately time.

Once these steps are complete, migration to your new Data Center facility can begin.

Migrating to an OnRamp Data Center

Whether you are migrating physical IT equipment or transitioning a production environment to a new managed hosting facility, a proper data migration can be focused, quick, and pain-free for business operations. OnRamp’s highly trained engineers provide Full7Layer Support throughout the migration process and are available to help every step of the way.

For instances where data is being transferred from one hosted environment to OnRamp, our team can create a cloud-based replica of your existing environment to avoid disruptions to your business and enable a seamless transition. When a physical transfer of servers is required, our team has experience all the way from the installation of servers and equipment to the configuration of that equipment and can serve as your remote hands throughout the process.

The Benefits of Data Center Migration

In the end, a successfully executed Data Center migration can result in several benefits for the company or organization:

  • Enable a business to bolster its security
  • Improve the management of data, users and processes
  • Enhance data backup and recovery initiatives
  • Prompt the evaluation and realignment of compliance initiatives

Because of OnRamp’s depth and breadth of Data Center Services, customers are more likely to migrate their IT environment to our Data Center facilities to deploy hybrid computing solutions built on Cloud-Delivered computing capacity, Managed Hosting and Colocation services.