Enterprise Class North Carolina Data Center Features the Highest Levels of Security, Redundancy, Reliability and Infrastructure.

North Carolina Data Center Overview

Reliable. Secure. Compliant.

At our North Carolina Data Center, OnRamp helps customers accomplish their Data Center mission both inside and outside of their rack. Located in Research Triangle Park, OnRamp’s Raleigh Data Center is fully staffed with experienced Full7Layer Support engineers that are available 24/7/365 to help with all seven layers of the operations stack, going above and beyond routine requests, often serving as an extension of our customers’ IT department. As a Hybrid Hosting enabled Data Center, we go above beyond the traditional, power, ping and environment facilities to provide services, solutions and support that blend Colocation, Private Clouds and Cloud Delivered Services to flexibly address the needs of our customers.

Redundant Infrastructure

Industry Leading Technology and Systems for 100% Uptime.

Our North Carolina Data Center employs Redundant Isolated Path Power Architecture for true 2N power, meaning that all of our systems have an identical copy on a parallel and separate pathway. This helps bypass a major data loss if disaster were to strike.

Another important aspect of the OnRamp North Carolina Data Center Infrastructure is our Advanced Cooling Infrastructure. Due to the vast number of physical machinery running at OnRamp’s Data Center, we make it a priority to keep Data Center environment cooled to ASHRAE standards. OnRamp employs a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration with cold aisle containment to distribute the right temperatures throughout the Data Center. Our North Carolina Data Center infrastructure is designed to enable industry-leading levels of high density computing.

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Redundant Power Infrastructure Diagram


The Most Stringent Security Processes and Policies.

To ensure the highest levels of security, OnRamp has put in place many safeguards at the North Carolina Data Center facility. There are both Physical Security measures as well as Logical Security Systems. All of these systems are monitored 24/7 and are audited by third parties. These audits are done so that OnRamp can validate that the North Carolina Data Center Security System is working at an optimal standard.

Visitors to the Data Center are directed to a mantrap, and are then authenticated there by matching a photo ID with the authorized visitor lists. Once a visitor has checked in, they must give up their photo ID to the NOC personnel staff before they’re allowed into the building. Even after they have been cleared, security procedures require that the OnRamp NOC staff escort them to their equipment. These visitors are always monitored through a set of over 30 live camera feeds. The facility is under constant surveillance, 24/7/365.

OnRamp’s logical security systems employ intrusion detection, vulnerability and risk assessments, as well as coordinated strategies for combating DDOS attacks.

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Data Center Security


Top Tier Fiber and Bandwidth Providers

OnRamp understands that connectivity is extremely important. That’s why OnRamp has large telecommunication plants that facilitate fiber-based delivery of services from 10+ carriers. Our customers are able to select which carrier they’d prefer when connecting their space to the Internet, private networks or MPLS. Possible carriers to choose from include AT&T, TW Telecom, AboveNet, Alpheus, Level3 Communications, TWC Business Class and Grande Communications.

To ensure the highest levels of network connectivity for our North Carolina Data Center, OnRamp also employs best-in-class network equipment and software built by Cisco. Throughout our North Carolina Data Center, we employ a redundant layer of routers on both the “Core” and “Edge” layers. The “Core” layer is directly connected to multiple backbones and the “Edge” layer of routers is connected to each OnRamp customer. Each router layer is then connected to every other router in a “full mesh configuration” for the highest level of redundancy.

From Multiple Fiber Entry Points with a wide selection of top tier providers, to fully burstable Ethernet drops and fiber for point to point connectivity, OnRamp’s North Carolina Data Center has you covered.

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Fiber & Bandwith Connectivity Providers