Protect Your Critical Applications in Data Center Facilities Built to Reliably Maintain Continuous High Density Computing.


Enterprise-Class Power

To deliver power, OnRamp’s operates a Redundant Isolated Path Power Architecture where individual power paths are protected by generators and UPSs with dedicated fuel and battery storage. High availability is provided by delivering two or more Redundant Isolated Path Power circuits to the rack.


Advanced Cooling Infrastructure

OnRamp’s advanced approach to cooling allows customers to operate very dense computing infrastructures. OnRamp operates a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration where super-sized, overhead plenums deliver pressurized cold air to the top of cold aisles. These pressurized, contained cold aisles effectively cool full rows of contiguous 30 kW racks.

Redundant Isolated Path Power Architecture

Multiple Protected Power Paths to the Rack – Each Path Isolated from the Others.

OnRamp employs a Redundant Isolated Path Power Architecture in each of our Data Centers, meaning that all the way from the utility, to our customers’ racks, every piece of critical infrastructure has an exact redundant pair on a parallel, completely separate path.

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Redundant Isolated Path Power Architecture Design

Each path in OnRamp’s power architecture has dedicated equipment including emergency power generation, independent fuel storage, uninterruptable power systems and power distribution systems, all of which remain isolated from equipment along other paths. Using this model, if anything were to happen with any individual piece of equipment, it would affect only one single path. Colocation customers that purchase A+B power from OnRamp can feel secure, knowing that our Redundant Isolated Path Power Architecture provides the highest levels of power critical system redundancy.  All managed infrastructure is backed by A+B power.

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Power Infrastructure Diagram

Advanced Cooling Infrastructure

Pressurized Cold Aisles Support High Density Cooling.

OnRamp operates at greater than (n+1) redundancy in our HVAC infrastructure. OnRamp’s approach to cooling our Data Centers allows for industry-leading levels of high density computing, with the capability of operating at upwards of 30 kW per rack, contiguously. We operate a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration where cold air is delivered from a dedicated cooling infrastructure to specific, contained areas of the Data Center.

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Data Center Cooling Video

Cooling Infrastructure Diagram

OnRamp’s cooling infrastructure design differs from traditional Data Centers that use raised floors to distribute air uniformly across entire data halls, regardless of where the compute loads are actually located.

This design allows for two important advantages: We can quickly and reliably deliver cold air exactly where it is needed. And, we can reliably deliver the volume of cold air required to cool very high densities of computing.

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Data Center Cooling Infrastructure Diagram - Hot Aisle / Cool Aisle

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OnRamp’s HVAC infrastructure is monitored by OnRamp technical staff in Network Operations Centers (NOCs) at each of our Data Centers. OnRamp’s NOC personnel have real-time temperature information available from several points in each rack aisle, and OnRamp maintains the temperatures based on ASHRAE standards at the front of each cold aisle rack. If any of these sensors indicate a temperature approaching the edge of that range, an alarm is triggered within the NOC, and immediate steps are taken to address the situation. In addition to temperature, humidity is monitored and all of OnRamp’s Liebert Units have humidifying technology.

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