Establishing clear business associate agreements are important for not only remaining HIPAA compliant, but for adequately safeguarding patient PHI. Sara Heath, HealthIT Security

In 2016, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) put a spotlight on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-affected business associates (BAs). “A ‘business associate’ is a person or entity that performs … read more

Agility is at the core of next-level competitiveness in the modern globalized marketplace. Hybrid cloud environments give businesses the best of both worlds—the privacy/security of private cloud and the flexibility of the public cloud. An organization that knows how to use hybrid cloud technology to its advantage will enjoy long-term sustainability.

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Organizations that work with electronic protected health information (ePHI) must carefully weigh the risks and benefits of adopting new technology. From the internet of things (IoT) in hospitals to wearable medical devices to bring your own device (BYOD) policies, each endpoint represents a potential network vulnerability. Avoiding the adoption of new technology is not the … read more

The completion of the SOC 3 audit demonstrates that OnRamp’s enterprise-class data center services meet the rigorous requirements associated with data protection and compliance.

AUSTIN, TEXAS.—OnRamp Access, LLC, a leading high security and compliant hosting provider, announced today the completion of a SOC 3 audit confirming that OnRamp’s solutions fulfill the necessary controls to … read more

One of the many information security challenges organizations face today is the variety of security policies they must create and follow. Most compliance requirements note the availability of policies— what they should include and how often they should be updated. Little to no information is provided, however, as to how individual policies impact or correlate … read more

“There are hidden costs for businesses that do not maintain a strong IT infrastructure. These may sometimes be intangible, but have the potential to adversely affect productivity and profitability,” says tech writer, Ben Rossi, in a recent Information Age article.

Protecting your organization’s sensitive data and developing an effective IT infrastructure has always been a … read more

I recently discussed the importance of letting your business requirements lead the strategy for your managed data storage in part I of this post, using use cases and workloads to illustrate how you can efficiently benefit from SAN and NAS storage. Now that we’ve reviewed the basics of developing your solution and touched on the … read more

In an increasingly competitive economy, being agile and having the ability to recover quickly drives technological development. Cutting-edge technology improves productivity, creates competitive advantages, enhances business continuity, and defines cybersecurity practices. As IT advancements create shifts in daily workflows and develop best practices, those who use state-of-the-art technology and adopt the right trends will benefit.

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“The PCI Security Standards Council touches the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. A global organization, it maintains, evolves and promotes Payment Card Industry standards for the safety of cardholder data across the globe.” – PCI Security Council

People use credit cards to make purchases online, over the phone and in stores for … read more

“…Data is the phenomenon of our time. It is the world’s new natural resource. It is the new basis of competitive advantage, and it is transforming every profession and industry. If all of this is true—even inevitable—then cybercrime, by definition, is the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world,” said … read more

“When it comes to finding an appropriate data storage and management solution, the first step is to look internally. Your motivation for data storage will dictate your choices,” says David Staffel, product manager at OnRamp.

Choosing the right data storage solution for your business can quickly become overwhelming and complex. Steadily increasing data volumes (from … read more

It’s estimated that 4,000 daily ransomware attacks have occurred in 2016, according to the U.S. Government Interagency Guidance Document, “How to Protect Your Networks from Ransomware.” That’s a 300% increase over the 1,000 daily ransomware attacks reported in 2015. As a result, covered entities (CEs) and business associates (BAs) are wondering whether ransomware attacks on … read more

The 2016 NexGen Cloud Conference and Expo, promises to deliver the realities of monetizing cloud computing in an increasingly complex enterprise environment. Join OnRamp on December 6-7 in Anaheim, CA. We’ll be at booth #218 to showcase our private cloud solutions, alongside more than 800 dedicated early technology adopters, searching for insights into the future … read more

According to the American Cancer Association, doctors will diagnose 8,720 men with testicular cancer and another 180,890 patients with prostate cancer by the end of 2016.  

And let’s not forget the 87 men who will take their own lives due to mental health in that same year. Awareness plays a significant role in prevention, … read more

According to a report published by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the digital universe is growing 40% a year and by 2020 this universe—with all the data we create and copy annually—will measure 44 trillion gigabytes in size. In response to this explosion of data, and the need to manage it efficiently, companies are looking … read more

Doctors will diagnose 8,720 men with testicular cancer and another 180,890 patients with prostate cancer by the end of 2016, according to The American Cancer Association. And let’s not forget the 87 men that will take their own lives due to mental health. Awareness plays a significant role in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. That’s why … read more

Managed hosting has evolved to include more than just hardware in a remote data center. Providers offer services like virtualization, performance monitoring, security management, load balancing, and other valuable solutions that are an integral part of your operations. Simplify and significantly speed up the search for the perfect managed hosting provider (MSP) by determining your … read more

When the Poneman Institute released the results of its “2016 Gemalto Global Cloud Data Security Study” earlier this year, it once again highlighted the importance of security practices and data governance in cloud-based services. The study, sponsored by Gemalto, discusses the challenges inherent in cloud data security and includes information for protecting and minimizing risks … read more

Your organization’s disaster recovery plan (DRP) is an essential component of its business continuity plan (BCP) and must include not only the physical setups for data replication and protection at a secondary location, but also effective failover and fallback strategies to ensure you will be able to execute your DRP successfully.

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