Juha Vehnia – Kinesis Survey Technologies

Video Transcription

My name is Juha Venhia, I am the Chief Technical Officer at Kinesis Survey Technologies.

Primarily, we serve marketing research companies, and they range from small to the very largest in the business. We do seamless research with both mobile and web respondents.

We came from Dallas from the SBC data center and we were just a tiny, little dot among all their customers. It was a huge challenge for us just because of the distance. So, if we had to replace a server component, like a hard drive or something like that, we literally had to drive all the way to Dallas and plan it out ahead. So, we wanted to work with a local partner who we felt was a true partner, and recognized us, and we visited OnRamp and other facilities we came to the conclusion very quickly that OnRamp would be a great partner for us. And after being a customer for 10 years it still stays true.

Price wasn’t the only factor, obviously, but the fact that I can pick up the phone and I can talk to an engineer in a minute, and they can be in my cabinet in two minutes and tell me what’s going on with the server.

We stay up 24/7 and that’s a really important factor for us. We’re not necessarily a banking application, but we serve an international customer base out of Austin, so keeping your services available just in U.S. business hours is not enough. We’re serving also European and Asian clients, so we have clients logged in 24/7. So having that infrastructure in place is critical for us and OnRamp is our key partner in that.

Bringing customers onsite at OnRamp facilities, when they see the security and the effort that goes into running a data center, and when they are created by knowledgeable people who explain the entire operation to them, that has a significant impact on the client’s perception of you. And it has definitely helped us to gain new business, and it’s quite more than a few clients thus far.