Jim O’Quinn – Financial Services Online

Video Transcription

Financial Services online was started in 1995 and has educational materials for financial advisors and insurance agents. So, in the case of an insurance agent, if he was to sell you a life insurance policy, there’s really two components. There is the educational material and then there’s the actual policy, so we provide the educational materials that go with the policy.

As a technologist, we of course wanted to house our servers and internet connection in-house, but we had a storm blow through Austin, a tree fell over on our internet connection and we were down for three days. So after three stressful days, we decided that it was probably not in our best interest to continue housing such critical services in-house and at that point we connected with OnRamp and have been a customer for over ten years.

Primarily, since we already owned our own hardware, we wanted to rent rack space so we could just pick up our machines and move them over and install them. We were looking for redundant internet connections, given our previous mishaps, we thought that was very important and technical support was really high on our list. We have been extremely impressed with OnRamp’s technical support. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I can call, someone will answer the phone and within minutes they can be in our rack helping us diagnose the problem remotely.

The technical proficiency of the support staff is amazing so, when they pull a cart out to our machine they can log-in and run commands and it’s almost as if I’m sitting there myself.

OnRamp has helped us achieve extreme reliability in our services. We find that our customers use our servers 24 hours a day and a lot on Sundays as they prepare for Monday. And so having redundant internet connections, and redundant routers, and redundant power connections has given us uptimes in the close five nines, and so we think that makes a big difference as we deliver service to our customers.