Ben Gray – Advanced Solutions International

Video Transcription

My name is Ben Gray. I’m with Advanced Solutions International and I’m the Global Network Operations Manager.

Advanced Solutions International provides engagement systems for nonprofits and organizations. And we chose OnRamp because they had the capability and the know-how to support our development staff to the point where we don’t worry about it.

The management here has always been very adamant about upgrading the redundancy systems and the network systems to maintain a very, very high availability of services. When we actually started moving in, and I ended up hurting my back and OnRamp stepped in and did the wiring. I did the drawings and specs, sent it over and OnRamp did the wiring exactly, I mean, better than I would have done it. So, it was a really, really good partnership there.

The equipment is top-notch, there’s nothing that is second rate. But what really stands out is the customer service and the expertise of the NOC staff. I don’t have any problems getting ahold of somebody here if something is critical. In other data centers I have to go through either chasing somebody down or I have to go through a bureaucratic red tape that they have set in place. All of our tech support worldwide dials into our network here at OnRamp and it’s been just great.