Flexible Colocation Disaster Recovery Solutions Backed by Expert Support.



Maintain continuous operations with Disaster Recovery solutions deployed from OnRamp’s state-of-the-art Data Centers located in geographically stable locations, on separate power grids.



Achieve flexibility with Disaster Recovery Hybrid Hosting solutions utilizing Private Clouds, Colocation and Cloud Delivered Services to cost-effectively scale operations on-demand and with ease.



Eliminate the complexity of managing your environment from afar with OnRamp’s onsite Full7Layer Support team of engineers – a fully capable remote extension of your IT department.

Colocation Disaster Recovery Overview

Tackle the Tough Job of Providing Fully Continuous Operations With a Partner That Understands Disaster Recovery.

In addition to operating Data Centers in geographically stable locations to provide the highest levels of redundancy, reliability and uptime to support Disaster Recovery initiatives, customers who choose Colocation to deploy Disaster Recovery with OnRamp benefit from the flexibility and breadth of our services and expert Full7Layer Support.

More than just a reliable infrastructure for space, power and connectivity, OnRamp provides customized services and support for customers who use Colocation to deploy Disaster Recovery. OnRamp’s experience deploying Hybrid Hosting solutions, including Private Clouds and Cloud Delivered Services, is an added benefit for customers that need to augment their Colocation Disaster Recovery footprint in response to planned growth or in an emergency.

The flexibility to seamlessly integrate OnRamp’s Private Clouds and Cloud Delivered Services into a Colocation environment enables businesses to more efficiently select solutions without being bound by prior decisions.

And, OnRamp’s Full7Layer Support team is available 24/7/365 to act as an extension of your IT department when unforeseen circumstances impede travel to the Data Center. Far beyond simple tape swaps or server reboots, our team is deeply experienced in networking, hardware, operating systems and virtualization software. In fact, Colocation customers can rely on OnRamp as an extension of their IT department with support for routine or complex requests, on-demand and in the event of an emergency.

Sample Hybrid Hosting Disaster Recovery Configuration

Primary and secondary site  with colocated equipment and additional services