Secure, Scalable Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions Backed by Expert Support.



Maintain continuous operations with Disaster Recovery solutions deployed from OnRamp’s state-of-the-art Data Centers located in geographically stable locations, on separate power grids.



Achieve flexibility with Disaster Recovery Hybrid Hosting solutions utilizing Private Clouds, Colocation and Cloud Delivered Services to cost effectively scale operations on-demand and with ease.



Eliminate the complexity of managing your environment from afar with OnRamp’s onsite Full7Layer Support team of engineers – a fully capable remote extension of your IT department.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Overview

Flexible, Reliable Solutions for Disaster Recovery

OnRamp’s Disaster Recovery Private Cloud solutions allow businesses with an existing virtualized infrastructure to replicate data and applications for Disaster Recovery on discrete equipment, dedicated to the use of a single customer. Disaster Recovery Private Clouds can be sized to deliver only critical services in an emergency or they can be used during normal operation as the primary infrastructure for non-critical services, which are turned-off in an emergency, creating available capacity for the fail-over of critical services from the customer’s primary site. Customers can easily replicate entire operating environments, easily move those environments to and from the primary site and more effectively manage the delivery of services on a smaller physical infrastructure than would be otherwise possible.

These Private Cloud Server solutions for business continuity facilitate the migration of data, services and operating environments to backup infrastructure for primary site recovery and restoration after a disaster,

empowering customers to easily move data and services in a flexible, reliable and cost effective manner. And, OnRamp can seamlessly integrate Cloud Delivered Services including Managed Storage, Managed Backups and Managed Devices into any Private Cloud solution.

And, OnRamp’s Full7Layer Support team is available 24/7/365 on-site, on-call and on-demand to help with requests as an extension of your IT department. OnRamp’s engineers maintain a host of advanced certifications from the likes of VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell and other industry leaders. So, we can effectively manage complex IT infrastructure, and we’re available to help solve any number of support-related issues inside your rack. As a result, Disaster Recovery Private Cloud customers, whose IT staff is far removed from their cloud solution by design, are more likely to be successful with OnRamp and our experienced Full7Layer Support team that is available on-site, on-call and on-demand.

Sample Private Cloud Disaster Recovery Configuration

Pcrivate Cloud Disaster Recovery Network Diagram