Your Trusted, Comprehensive Partner for Disaster Recovery.



Maintain continuous operations with Disaster Recovery solutions deployed from OnRamp’s state-of-the-art Data Centers located in geographically stable locations, on separate power grids.



Achieve flexibility with Disaster Recovery Hybrid Hosting solutions utilizing Private Clouds, Colocation and Cloud Delivered Services to cost effectively scale operations on-demand and with ease.



Eliminate the complexity of managing your environment from afar with OnRamp’s onsite Full7Layer Support team of engineers – a fully capable remote extension of your IT department.

Flexible Disaster Recovery

Leverage OnRamp’s Hybrid Hosting Solutions to Achieve Continuous and Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Operations.

Managing a remote infrastructure that is used for Disaster Recovery is hard.  Distant by design, a Disaster Recovery infrastructure is difficult to deploy, maintain and operate – a problem that can be especially acute in an emergency.  Optimally located away from natural hazards and fully-manned 24/7/365, OnRamp’s enterprise-class Data Centers provide the perfect environment for Disaster Recovery.  As a trusted, reliable and flexible Disaster Recovery partner, OnRamp’s Hybrid Hosting allows businesses to blend Colocation, Private Clouds and Cloud Delivered Services in both their primary and secondary sites – and often between the sites – making it ideal for businesses that require continuous operations with flexible solutions.

OnRamp Disaster Recovery customers can rest easy knowing that OnRamp’s 24/7/365 Full7Layer Support provides around-the-clock engineer level support when it is needed most.

Far beyond racking and stacking, or server reboots, OnRamp engineers have the technical expertise to help inside your rack. In fact, many customers who are intentionally located far from their infrastructure, view OnRamp as an extension of their IT department and choose to supplement their service with the help of OnRamp’s Full7Layer Support.

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OnRamp Disaster Recovery

Features and Benefits

  • Enterprise-Class Data Centers – Ideally Located for Disaster Recovery
  • Flexible Disaster Recovery Hybrid Hosting Solutions Blend Colocated Equipment, Managed Private Clouds, and Cloud Delivered Services
  • 24/7/365 Full7Layer Support – A Fully Capable Remote Extension of Your IT department
  • Full Disaster Recovery Planning Services – RPO, RTO, Replication, Fail-Over/Fail-Back, Global Load Balancing and Virtualization for Disaster Recovery
  • Compliant Disaster Recovery for Banking, Health Care, E-Commerce and Other High Security Businesses
OnRamp Disaster Recovery

Data Center Locations

Ideally Situated for Disaster Recovery.

OnRamp’s state-of-the-art Data Center facilities are located in geographically stable locations in Austin, TX and Raleigh, NC, on separate power grids, for delivering the utmost in reliability.

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Data Center Locations

Choosing a Disaster Recovery Site

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Disaster Recovery Provider.

Whether you’re moving your IT infrastructure to a Disaster Recovery provider for the first time or looking to switch to a new provider, finding the right partner to keep your operations running 24/7/365 is a critical piece of the puzzle. This guide features the ‘Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Disaster Recovery Provider.’

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Disaster Recovery White Paper

What Our Customers Say

“We stay up 24/7 and that’s a really important factor for us. We’re not necessarily a banking application, but we serve an international customer base out of Austin, so keeping your services available just in U.S. business hours is not enough. We’re serving also European and Asian clients, so we have clients logged in 24/7. So having that infrastructure in place is critical for us and OnRamp is our key partner in that.”

– Kinesis Survey Technologies, CTO, Juha Vehnia

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Testimonial Video - Juha Vehnia, Kinesis Survey Technologies

Full7Layer Support

24/7/365 Engineer-Level, Onsite Support for Disaster Recovery, When and Where You Need It.

Full “rack and stack” and engineer level support of servers, routers, storage systems and other enterprise computing infrastructure for Colocation and Private Cloud Disaster Recovery customers.

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Full7Layer Support