HIPAA Compliant Private Clouds Provide the Safest, Most Reliable IT Environment for Your ePHI.


Achieve the highest levels of security set forth by HIPAA’s stringent compliance requirements with HIPAA Private Cloud solutions built with hardware encrypted storage and backup solutions for the total safety and security of data.


Ensure complete and total control of your HIPAA Compliant infrastructure with compute resources that are dedicated solely to you, so that your environment remains completely private and secure.


Implement HIPAA Compliant solutions with a partner that works with you to ensure that they incorporate the context of your specific business needs.

HIPAA Private Cloud Overview

Secure, Scalable, Compliant Private Clouds.

OnRamp’s HIPAA Private Cloud solutions are built on dedicated, compliance-critical hardware with the most advanced software features to help you meet HIPAA’s stringent compliance requirements in a way that is both comprehensive and affordable.

Combining secure Managed Servers with Managed Storage and Cloud Delivered Services, OnRamp’s HIPAA Private Cloud solutions provide flexible, scalable computing resources in a compliant, high security model with highly available configurations.

With encryption at the foundation to ensure compliant protection for data in-motion and at-rest, OnRamp’s HIPAA Private Cloud solutions pair enterprise-class hardware and devices with encrypted storage, anti-virus solutions, log management and file integrity monitoring.

Remove the risk of large, shared clouds and the impact of noisy neighbors while taking advantage of the economic and scalability benefits of server and/or application virtualization, built, deployed and managed in our SSAE SOC 2, HIPAA Compliant Data Centers.

For more information about choosing the right provider, view our HIPAA Cloud Provider Checklist.

HIPAA Hosting Solutions

Work with OnRamp’s HIPAA Experts to Build the Solution That’s Right for You.

OnRamp’s team of HIPAA implementation experts will work with you to build a comprehensive, fully-compliant HIPAA Private Cloud solution that addresses the confidentiality, availability and integrity of electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

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HIPAA Hosting Solutions

HIPAA 3-Step Process

Easily Diagnose, Assess and Manage Any Risks to Your IT Infrastructure.

Going far beyond what’s typical of most Data Centers, OnRamp’s proprietary HIPAA Risk Management Tool is an online 3-step process designed by our HIPAA experts to take the guess-work out of HIPAA and help you achieve compliance every step of the way.

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HIPAA 3-Step Risk Management Process