The Most Secure HIPAA Compliant Hosting Solutions.



Achieve the highest levels of security set forth by HIPAA’s stringent compliance requirements with HIPAA Compliant Hosting solutions built on compliance-critical hardware and software and deployed from OnRamp’s state-of-the art Data Centers.


Implement compliant solutions with a partner that works with you to ensure that they incorporate the context of your specific business needs.



Meet HIPAA’s rigorous compliance requirements with OnRamp’s suite of comprehensive, fully-compliant HIPAA Hosting solutions that address the confidentiality, availability and integrity of electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

HIPAA Hosting Solutions

Secure, Compliant and Comprehensive HIPAA Hosting.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting is a reality for businesses that operate in or adjacent to the medical sector. If your company or customers interact in any way with sensitive patient data, don’t take any chances. Make sure you are HIPAA compliant today.

OnRamp’s team of HIPAA implementation experts will work with you to build a comprehensive, fully-compliant solution that addresses the confidentiality, availability and integrity of electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

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HIPAA Hosting Solutions

HIPAA 3-Step Process

Easily Diagnose, Assess and Manage Any Risks to Your IT Infrastructure in 3 Simple Steps.

Going far beyond what’s typical of most security hosting providers, OnRamp’s proprietary HIPAA Risk Management Tool is an online 3-step process, designed by our HIPAA experts, to take the guess-work out of complying with HIPAA and help you achieve compliance every step of the way.

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HIPAA Risk Management Tool

HIPAA Case Study

“Our Team Felt Strongly About the Decision to Go with OnRamp.”

Learn why software-as-a-service provider analyticsMD selected OnRamp’s highly secure and reliable HIPAA Compliant Hosting solutions to protect e-PHI in this HIPAA case study.

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Case Study - Analytics MD


OnRamp’s Processes and Services Dive Far More Deeply into Ensuring HIPAA Compliance.

OnRamp understands that compliance is important, but also difficult and time consuming which is why our team of HIPAA experts works with customers to build solutions that work in the context of the business they are operating.

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HIPAA Data Center Video

Additional Compliant Hosting

Secure Server Hosting for Regulatory Compliance.

OnRamp provides the most reliable and secure hosting solutions for companies with specific regulatory requirements including PCI, GLBA, FISMA, FERPA, SOX and more.

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Compliant Hosting

Security and Processes

OnRamp Embodies a Culture that Emphasizes Security.

OnRamp uses a variety of Compliant Hosting Processes to ensure that our interaction with your sensitive data occurs in an auditable, compliant fashion.

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Security Services

What Our Customers Say

“Our team felt very strongly about the decision to go with OnRamp, largely due to the security and privacy protocols they built around their HIPAA compliant hosting offerings. The fact that OnRamp underwent a similar process to generate their own policies and procedures, documenting their responsibility as a business associate in serving their covered entity constituents, provides added assurance that our data will remain safe and secure and our IT systems will remain compliant. OnRamp’s consultative approach to understanding our IT needs and security concerns, enabled us to create a foundation for compliance that speaks to all aspects of our efforts to keep our data secure.”

– Brent Newhouse, Founder, analyticsMD

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