Fully Managed Cloud Delivered Services Provide Flexibility and Scalability.


Achieve greater flexibility with solutions customized to the needs of your specific IT environment.


Gain access to technologies that might otherwise be cost prohibitive at the scale in which you would like to use them.


Reduce risk and maintain data integrity with Cloud Services delivered on dedicated networks from within our Data Centers.

Cloud Delivered Services Overview

OnRamp Managed Cloud Delivered Services Can Be Layered On Top of Private Clouds and Colocation Environments.

OnRamp’s comprehensive suite of Cloud Delivered Services include Managed Storage, Managed Backups, Managed Devices and Security Services designed to seamlessly integrate with your Colocation, Private Cloud or Disaster Recovery solution.

Built on best-of-class, industry-leading hardware, from the likes of Citrix, Cisco, Dell, EMC, and Solidfire, OnRamp’s Cloud Delivered Services enable customers to supplement their OnRamp hosted infrastructure to optimize the delivery of their business-critical operations or support new business initiatives.

Cloud Delivered Services

OnRamp’s Cloud Services provide the flexibility and scalability to help meet your needs, future proof your hosted IT infrastructure, or provide access to technology that would otherwise be too expensive at smaller scales.

OnRamp’s Cloud Delivered Services Include:

Managed Storage

Managed Storage

When it comes to your Managed Storage solution, what you need now may be different than what you need as your business grows. With a variety of enterprise storage solutions, we have a solution to meet your capacity, performance and budget requirements.

Managed Backups

Managed Backups

Preserve, protect and maintain the integrity of your mission-critical data with our stable and reliable backup platforms that address your retention and retrieval needs in a process that’s monitored and maintained by our Full7Layer Support team.

Managed Devices

Managed Devices

Achieve the performance and protection required for your IT environment, while removing the complexity of managing it yourself with OnRamp Managed Firewalls and Load Balancers that seamlessly integrate into your OnRamp infrastructure.

Security Services

Security Services

Guard against threats with comprehensive Managed Security Services that deliver the highest levels of proactive detection and protection, deployed and managed by OnRamp’s onsite team of engineers.

What Our Customers Say

“The flexibility OnRamp offers is unparalleled. OnRamp’s team is able to serve as our remote hands for routine maintenance and one-off requests and, as a result, we have developed a relationship where OnRamp serves as an extension of our IT department. This is easily demonstrated in our use of EMC’s Avamar deduplication backup software. This critical function of our business continuity plan is maintained in part by OnRamp and our staff. The use of this enterprise-class software allows my team to handle a portion of the backup process alongside OnRamp’s managed offsite backups. Our engagement with OnRamp enables us to maintain complete control of our own IT environment with the added assurance that our critical data is kept safe in accordance with OnRamp’s stringent security and compliance processes.”

– Richard Clark, Technology Manager, David Weekley Homes

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