Flexible Colocation to Support On-Demand Growth and Scale.



Reduce risk with OnRamp Compliant Colocation solutions maintained and audited with stringent physical, technical and administrative measures.



Supplement your team with OnRamp’s 24/7/365 onsite Full7Layer engineers, a fully capable, remote extension of your IT department.



Easily scale your OnRamp Colocation environment by integrating our Private Cloud and Cloud Services for a Hybrid Hosting solution that’s flexible and secure.

Colocation Overview

Flexible Colocation Services Backed by Expert Support.

In addition to providing the highest levels of redundancy, reliability and uptime to support our customers’ mission-critical operations, OnRamp Colocation Services customers benefit from the flexibility and breadth of our services and expert Full7Layer Support.

At OnRamp, we offer customers the flexibility to start small, with room to scale as they grow. The design of our cooling, power and cabinet infrastructure enables OnRamp to easily accommodate the installation of additional equipment, network and power capacity. In addition, OnRamp’s Hybrid Hosting solutions enable customers to quickly and easily adapt their Data Center strategy by taking advantage of the on-demand availability and flexibility of OnRamp’s Private Cloud and Cloud Delivered Services that can seamlessly integrate into their Colocation Hosting environment. As a result, customers can add advanced technology to their existing infrastructure without being bound by the requirement to remain consistent with prior decisions.


And, because OnRamp is experienced at managing infrastructure for Private Cloud and Cloud Delivered Services, companies that work with OnRamp benefit from our Full7Layer Support.

Our experienced technical support team is available 24/7/365 to provide support where Colocation customers will need it most: inside their rack.  Far beyond simple tape swaps or server reboots, our team is deeply experienced in networking, hardware, operating systems and virtualization software.  In fact, customers can rely on OnRamp as an extension of their IT department with support for routine or complex requests, on-demand and in the event of an emergency.

Colocation Services

Flexible Space, Power and Bandwidth to Support On-Demand Growth.

Full7Layer Support Label Secure Space
Secure Space
  • Secure Cabinets, Cages and Private Suites
  • Custom Options, Including Biometrics and Keypads
  • 42U Full Cabs with Private 1/2 and 1/4 Rack Options
  • 1U Increments Available in Secured Shared Cabinets
OnRamp is able to accommodate Colocation Hosting environments from multiple rack installations to cages and private suites. With a culture that’s rooted in security, our Data Centers employ the most advanced physical and logical security measures in accordance with stringent compliance requirements, so your environment remains highly available and highly secure.
Redundant Power
Colocation Power
  • Redundant, Isolated A&B Power Feeds
  • 2N Power from the Substation to the Rack
  • Always-On Double Conversion UPS Systems
  • Advanced Cooling for up to 24kW per Rack
  • 120V or 208V Power Configurations
  • Amperages up to 60Amps
  • Single and Three Phase Power
  • 1.5MW Diesel Generators
OnRamp delivers power to customers in “Dual A and B” feed power (also called “A + B” power) or “Single A” feed power (also called “A” power), if a customer specifically requests it. All power provided to customers is conditioned and protected against surges, other power distortions and utility power outages. OnRamp provides AC Power Circuits in a range of amperages and voltages, most commonly 208 volts and 110 volts, 20 amp or 30 amp. And, OnRamp can accommodate non-standard amperage and voltage circuits.
Burstable Bandwidth
Colocation Bandwidth
  • Carrier Neutral Network Facility
  • Blended Bandwidth via Multiple Tier-1 Providers
  • Fully Monitored 24/7/365
  • Fully Burstable to 1Gbps and above
  • Redundant and Diverse Fiber Delivery
  • Dedicated Links Between Data Centers
OnRamp provides customers with reliable connectivity to the Internet and to other discrete locations. Using a full mesh network configuration, OnRamp is capable of delivering bandwidth to customers all the way from sub-Megabit transmission speeds up to 1 Gbps and above.
Hybrid Hosting
  • Private Clouds
  • Cloud Services
  • Managed Storage
  • Managed Backups
  • Managed Devices
  • Security Services
OnRamp customers have the flexibility to supplement their infrastructure with additional space, power, resources and additional OnRamp services as they grow. Customers can expand existing Colocation environments by seamlessly integrating Private Clouds, Cloud Delivered Storage, Backups and Security Services to accomplish difficult business operations with ease.

Enterprise-Class Data Centers

Built to Maintain the Highest Levels of Reliability, Security and Compliance.

OnRamp’s Raleigh and Austin Data Centers are designed and built with the most advanced engineering, security and technology systems to provide the highest levels of uptime, availability and redundancy.

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Enterprise Class Data Center

Hybrid Hosting

Flexible Solutions Seamlessly Integrate with Colocation Equipment.

Our Hybrid Hosting solutions combine traditional Colocation with our Private Cloud and Cloud Delivered Services to easily and affordably facilitate scale. Customize your Hybrid Hosting solution for Disaster Recovery, compliance requirements and more.

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Hybrid Disaster Recovery

What Our Customers Say

“OnRamp goes above and beyond the abilities of most colocation providers, to assist our company with tasks such as monitoring, backups and configurations on an as-needed basis. This provides great assurance that, if needed, we can call on their team to serve as our remote hands and keep our platform running smoothly.”

– Richard Tieken, CEO, Prelude Dynamics, LLC

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Compliance is Our Core

Compliant Colocation Solutions to Meet the Most Stringent Regulatory Requirements.

OnRamp embodies a culture rooted in security and compliance. We wrap our processes, systems and people around the most comprehensive and advanced technology in the industry to ensure compliance in accordance with the most stringent requirements. Work with OnRamp to achieve HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance and more.

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Compliant Hosting

Full7Layer Support

Your Equipment. Our Full7Layer Support. Where and When You Need It.

OnRamp’s experienced team of onsite engineers go above and beyond to help our customers where they need it most: inside the rack. Our Colocation support team is available 24/7/365 for hands-on support from the hardware layer all the way through the application layer.

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Full7Layer Support