Private Cloud Managed Services

Fully managed services to supplement your Private Cloud environment.


Managed Services

OnRamp offers a range of Managed Services to augment any Private Cloud solution which provides the flexibility of choice in how current or future infrastructure is deployed.  Often managing such network hardware may not be considered a core competency, or you may be simply looking to offload the complexity and the burden.  Any of OnRamp’s Private Cloud customers can work with OnRamp to seamlessly integrate Managed Services into their environment.  Learn more about how you can flexibly add OnRamp managed services to your IT environment today.


Managed StorageOnRamp Managed Storage solutions can be configured as either shared or dedicated SAN and/or NAS solutions. OnRamp’s Managed Storage solutions are built on best-in-class, enterprise class equipment from Hewlett Packard, NetApp and other industry leaders.  Our engineers will work with you to customize a solution to your specific storage needs, configure the solution and ensure that it is always up and running.  Managed Storage customers benefit from the flexibility and the economies of scale that OnRamp can provide in on-site, networked storage and the peace of mind that comes with having our experts managing it.


Managed BackupsOnRamp’s Managed Backups are a reliable solution for the complex task of ensuring your data is safe.  Whether your backup requirements are straightforward, or require coordination with advanced applications like databases or other active files, our engineers can build an effective backup plan to fit your specific needs.  OnRamp Managed Backups ensure that your critical data is backed up in regular intervals to tape libraries in a process monitored and managed by our Full7Layer Support team.  On a weekly basis, we rotate these tapes to secure, off-site locations to ensure that your data is kept physically separate from your IT equipment.


Managed FirewallsA properly configured and well-maintained firewall protects your critical data at rest while facilitating safe, encrypted access for authorized users.  OnRamp’s Managed Firewalls are built on best-of-class Cisco hardware and configured by our experienced engineers to the specifications of your individual security plan.  Virtual Private Networks, Intrusion Detection and Denial of Service mitigation are all configured at your direction to work in concert with your other infrastructure to provide reliable access while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and security. You maintain control, while we worry about responding with spares and changes to the configuration.


Managed Content SwitchesOnRamp’s Managed Content Switches enable redundant and scalable Internet operations.  Content Switches are special routers that sit between the Internet and your servers and provide for the smooth, consistent transmission of data amongst and between multiple servers.  But often, companies lack experience with, or don’t want to sink time into, understanding and managing this infrastructure.  OnRamp’s Managed Content Switches are built upon best-of-class Cisco network hardware.  OnRamp’s engineers have experience working with programmers in the deployment of Content Switches and can work with you to configure a Content Switch solution that meets your specific needs.  You maintain control over the Content Switch, while we worry about responding with spares and changes in configuration.


Managed Compliant BackupsFor companies that need to meet compliancy standards set forth by HIPAA or other security regulation, OnRamp offers Managed Encrypted Tape Backup services. OnRamp’s compliant tape libraries have certified hardware cryptographic modules ensuring that the data recorded to the tape is encrypted prior to writing the data. Using FIPS140-2 compliant ciphers and key management, OnRamp’s managed, Compliant Backups satisfy the requirements of the Security Rule and provide a safe harbor from the requirement to conduct breach notification under HIPAA.