Full7Layer Support Services

The most comprehensive support services to help our customers where they will need it most: inside their racks.


Running Data Center Operations on a 24/7/365 basis is demanding and requires many capabilities that a standard IT department may not have.  OnRamp’s enterprise team has a unique set of capabilities that spans all aspects of Data Center Operations, up to and including the application layer.  With our experience in application development, software/hardware configuration and system management, customers often use OnRamp as an extension of their IT department, ensuring that every need is filled and every contingency addressed.

Choosing a Data Center partner with that level of experience and support, you can feel secure in knowing that OnRamp is your on-site partner, for anything from routine tasks to more complex, time-sensitive emergencies.


Below is a representative sample of the breadth and depth of the services available from our Full7Layer Support team.  For specific compatibility with your IT infrastructure, please consult our sales department at 888.667.2660 or

Full7Layer Support - Layer 1

  • Audited, compliant physical security services
  • Environmental systems monitoring
  • Reliable delivery of 2N power to the rack

Full 7 Layer Support - Layer 2

  • Consultative services for architecture of network infrastructure
  • Comprehensive network monitoring and diagnostics
  • Network security risk assessments for compliance

Full7Layer Support - Layer 3

  • Racking, stacking, configuration and connection of infrastructure
  • Device, service availability and SNMP monitoring
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of hardware
  • Compliant hard-drive destruction

Full7Layer Support - Layer 4

  • Administrative support for provisioning and decommissioning of VMs
  • VM-based backup services
  • Advanced virtualization support including: high availability configuration and VM-based DR services

Full7Layer Support - Layer 5

  • Microsoft, Red Hat certified partner
  • Administrative support for Microsoft, Linux, Unix and other OS distributions
  • Software troubleshooting and repair
  • Server hardening

Application Layer

  • Application configuration and installation
  • Database clustering
  • Data backups
  • Support for Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Exchange and other applications

Full7Layer Support - Layer 7

  • Comprehensive monitoring and escalation for all other layers
  • Risk assessments for sensitive data
  • Disaster Recovery planning to meet pre-set objectives
  • Strategic capacity planning