Full7Layer Support Defined

OnRamp supports all 7 layers of the Operations Stack to ensure that our customers are successful in their Data Center mission.


When we talk about Full7Layer Support, we mean that OnRamp’s engineers have the experience and expertise to support our customers’ Data Center operations at all 7 layers of the OnRamp Operations stack.

Full7Layer Support - Layer 1


OnRamp’s state of the art Data Centers are designed to the highest levels of security, redundancy and reliability. To ensure that your systems remain reliably online, every component of each of the critical subsystems is monitored 24/7/365 by OnRamp’s experienced engineers in our Network Operations Centers through a combination of best-in-class industry software, internally developed systems and remote enunciators. Our on-site teams have the engineering knowledge to quickly respond to, diagnose and report any problem for immediate repair.

Full 7 Layer Support - Layer 2


OnRamp’s networks are built on best-in-class Cisco Systems hardware and use the Cisco-recommended model of routing with a “Core” layer of routers facing multiple Internet backbones and an “Edge” layer of routers facing the customers with a “full mesh” connecting all routers to all other routers. If any backbone or individual router fails, the network automatically routes traffic around the interruption. On-site monitoring and support from OnRamp’s experienced team of network engineers ensures that any network event does not affect service, making sure your critical systems remain online 24/7/365.

Full7Layer Support - Layer 3


With certified partnerships from HP, Dell, Cisco and EMC, OnRamp engineers have deep, practical hardware and device management experience. Spare enterprise-class HP servers, Cisco routers, firewalls and switches, and Citrix Netscaler load balancers are kept on-site and are available 24/7/365. OnRamp provides customers with the option of fully Managed Servers, Managed Firewalls, Managed Storage and Managed Backups with offsite storage all backed by Full7Layer Support from OnRamp’s on-site engineering staff 24/7/365.

Virtualization Layer


OnRamp’s engineering team is experienced at building and deploying fully-supported, customized Private Cloud solutions using VMware virtualization software. We secure, monitor and maintain the Private Cloud solution in our state-of-the-art Data Centers with 24/7/365 live, hands-on support accessible by phone, e-mail, VOIP, IM and WebChat.

Full7Layer Support - Layer 5


As a certified Windows and RedHat partner, OnRamp’s engineering staff is capable of supporting Windows or Linux, including many alternative distributions as well as other versions of Unix.

Application Layer


With decades of experience in managing and supporting hosting environments for our customers, we work with you to help navigate issues that might arise within the application layer. OnRamp’s onsite team of technicians and engineers help ensure the key components that run your applications, be it a Windows or LAMP stack, remain stable and secure. In addition, OnRamp has partnerships with leading service and application vendors for our customers who need more in-depth application support or development work. Simply put, OnRamp can provide the expertise you need, when you need it.

Full7Layer Support - Layer 7


With several different layers of the most sophisticated monitoring devices employed to provide 24/7/365 real-time notification of service issues, OnRamp provides hands-on engineering level support for all customer equipment and software. OnRamp’s NOC personnel have access to a wide variety of resources to detect and diagnose any problem encountered and can respond to customer inquiries with accurate information usually within the first few seconds of a call.