Colocation Services

Our Colocation services provide the utmost in security, reliability, redundancy, technical expertise and monitoring.


OnRamp is able to deliver a full suite of Colocation solutions from 1u to multiple rack installations to cages and private suites.  OnRamp delivers power to customers in “Dual A and B” feed power (also called “A + B” power) or “Single A” feed power (also called “A” power), if a customer specifically requests it.  All power provided to customers is conditioned and protected against surges, other power distortions and utility power outages.  OnRamp provides AC Power Circuits in a range of amperages and voltages, most commonly 208 volts and 110 volts, 20 amp or 30 amp. And, OnRamp can accommodate non-standard amperage and voltage circuits.

All circuits delivered to customers are dedicated to their use alone and customers are allowed to use as much electricity as can be delivered without tripping the circuit breaker on that circuit; although we recommend not exceeding 80% of its rated capacity.


OnRamp Colocation customers have the flexibility to supplement their infrastructure with additional space, power and resources as they grow.  The design of OnRamp’s Data Centers, coupled with our engineering capabilities and Managed Services, enable us to quickly scale and add new services.  Power upgrades can be accomplished within less than 3 hours of a request and bandwidth upgrades can be accomplished in real time.  OnRamp is able to accommodate Colocation customers that require an immediate or planned addition to their footprint, whether that’s dedicated or managed hardware, power or bandwidth.

Colocation Services
Full7Layer Support Colocation Rackspace

  • Multiple Rack Options and Private Suites
  • Full Rack
  • 1/2 Rack Options
  • 1/4 Rack Options
  • 1 U Increments
Colocation Power

  • Redundant A&B Feeds
  • 20 Amp / 110 Volt
  • 30 Amp / 110 Volt
  • 20 Amp / 208 Volt
  • 30 Amp / 208 Volt
  • Higher Amperages up to 60 Amps
  • Single and Three Phase Power
Colocation Bandwidth

  • Transmission speeds from 128 Kbps all the way through
    100 Mbps and above
  • Burstable to 100 Mbps / 1 Gbps, depending on committed levels
  • Billed on the 95th percentile method
  • Fiber based delivery of services from 10+ carriers


OnRamp also provides customers with reliable connectivity to the Internet and to other discrete locations. Using a full mesh network configuration, OnRamp is capable of delivering bandwidth to customers all the way from sub-Megabit transmission speeds up to 100 Mbps and above.