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Alistair Deakin, CEO

Paul Difani, Vice President, IT


“A couple years back we started looking at what the cost for us to maintain [our] hardware infrastructure was. At some point it made more sense for us to just lease it and have OnRamp be the primary person responsible for the hardware… And that just turns out to be a much easier way to do things, by utilizing OnRamp as a force multiplier for our IT department.”

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Testimonial Video - Alistair Deakin & Paul Difani, KaleidaCare

Joe Hayden

Director of IT | Compass Learning

“We spoke with a lot of different companies when we started our search for a new data center and what stood out about OnRamp was that the folks we were talking to really listened to what our requirements were. It wasn’t just a matter of understanding the technical requirements, or writing down a list of servers and hardware that we needed. OnRamp asked a lot of questions … so that we didn’t just end up with a technical solution, but we ended up with something that was going to work – short term and grow with our long term needs. That just really stood out from everybody else.”

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Testimonial Video - Joe Hayden, Compass Learning

Ben Gray

Global Network Operations Manager | ASI

“What really stands out is the customer services and the expertise of the NOC staff. I don’t have any problems getting ahold of somebody here if something is critical. In other data centers I have to go through either chasing somebody down or I have to go through bureaucratic red tape that they’ve set in place.”

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Testimonial Video - Ben Gray, Advanced Solutions International

Juha Vehnia

CTO | Kinesis Survey Technologies

“We stay up 24/7 and that’s a really important factor for us. We’re not necessarily a banking application, but we serve an international customer base out of Austin, so keeping your services available just in U.S. business hours is not enough. We’re serving also European and Asian clients, so we have clients logged in 24/7. So having that infrastructure in place is critical for us and OnRamp is our key partner in that.”

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Testimonial Video - Juha Vehnia, Kinesis Survey Technologies

Ryan Collins

CTO | Open Lending

“We try to keep our staff as lean as possible, and only focused on our product and our product knowledge. Our goal was to take a lot of the IT cost and manpower that it takes to run a business successfully and offload that to a company we know and trust.”

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Testimonial Video - Ryan Collins, Open Lending

Jim O’Quinn

Owner | Financial Services Online

“Having redundant internet connections, redundant routers, and redundant power connections has given us uptimes in the close ‘five nines’ and we think that makes a big difference as we deliver services to our customers.”

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Testimonial Video - Jim O’Quinn, Financial Services Online

Richard Clark

Technology Manager | David Weekley Homes

“OnRamp’s Colocation services enable our technical staff to keep our systems up and running when natural disasters strike Houston. With no primary computer systems located in our home city of Houston, we rely on OnRamp to be our onsite computer and network experts to keep our IT operations up and running in Austin.”
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Colocation testimonial - Richard Clark - David Weekley Homes

Mark Haney

CTO | ExamSoft

“After evaluating several Data Centers in Dallas and Austin, we were impressed with OnRamp’s ability to create both a customized Colocation and Managed Server solution, something other Data Centers were not willing, or able, to support.”

Hybrid Hosting Testimonial - Mark Haney - Examsoft

David Bullock

CFO | YETI Coolers

“With 24/7/365 onsite support, OnRamp engineers keep our IT operation up and running so we can focus on our business.”

Managed Hosting Testimonial - David Bullock - YETI Coolers

Coley Andrews

Founder/Managing Director | Pacific Lake Partners

“OnRamp provides the security and accessibility required for our investment firm. No matter where I am, I can quickly and easily access our data, allowing me to spend more time on the road helping CEOs build great companies.”

Managed Hosting Testimonial - Coley Andrews - Pacific Lake Partners

Don Hughes

President | Encompass Medical Management

“When our former Data Center provider could not meet our security and reliability needs, we turned to OnRamp’s HIPAA Hosting solutions. OnRamp understood the requirements set forth by HIPAA and was able to deliver a solution that met our compliancy requirements.”

HIPAA & Colocation Testimonial - Don Hughes - Emmdata

Karunakar Pulsani

Engineering Program Manager | Workplace Answers

“Our customers represent enterprise, higher education and government organizations, and each holds a legitimate concern for the security of the information we are accessing on a regular basis. It was important to us that we work with a data center partner that was audited for SSAE 16 compliance. Everything else that OnRamp had to offer in the way of hands-on support, made the decision to utilize their data center services even easier.”

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Brent Newhouse

Founder | analyticsMD

“Our team felt very strongly about the decision to go with OnRamp, largely due to the security and privacy protocols they built around their HIPAA compliant hosting offerings… OnRamp’s consultative approach to understanding our IT needs and security concerns, enabled us to create a foundation for compliance that speaks to all aspects of our efforts to keep our data secure.”

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Richard Tieken

CEO | Prelude Dynamics, LLC

“OnRamp goes above and beyond the abilities of most colocation providers, to assist our company with tasks such as monitoring, backups and configurations on an as-needed basis. This provides great assurance that, if needed, we can call on their team to serve as our remote hands and keep our platform running smoothly.”

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Brian Carson

“From the start, we were impressed with the coordinated levels of involvement. Their engineers were very effective in determining our requirements and the support staff executed the run-up correct the first time through. OnRamp has figured heavily in our DR planning. After 42 months of solid, consistent service, I can confidently tell my CEO that ‘We are covered.’ In IT, where we plan for the worst, I have found a lot of confidence with OnRamp.”
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Keith Miller

Director of Technology | ProjectTools.com, Inc.

“Beyond the obvious things you would look for in a data center such as redundant power, security, facilities, 24×7 service, etc., OnRamp goes the extra mile to provide a level of service from their staff that I have yet to see equaled in my 25+ years in the IT industry. From the account management side to the engineers and even NOC [staff], they always go above and beyond to help while onsite or remote. Taking the time to make sure every need is met, and met in a timely fashion, is in my opinion a valuable asset that is very hard to find in businesses today.”
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Coleman Washington

IT Consultant

“We evaluated all the major cloud services providers, including most in the Gartner Cloud services quad, and selected 3 finalists, 2 of which were in the upper quadrants for Gartner Cloud services. We selected OnRamp because they ranked # 1 across all 3 of our selection requirements, and in all cases they were significantly head and shoulders above the other 2 finalists.”
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